Saturday, May 14, 2011

Metabolic Cooking - Recipes

Let’s look at the recipes in Metabolic Cooking.
It’s quite clear that there’s an emphasis on simplicity as far as these recipes go. Even people who aren’t used to cooking can quickly make these dishes.
The reason why these recipes help to promote fat loss is that they include ingredients which have been proven to boost metabolism. These include fat burning spices such as cinnamon, turmeric, and black pepper, and are often higher in protein and lower in empty carbs than what many people eat today.
The way these dishes are sweetened is also important. These recipes often use Stevia as a sweetener. Stevia is a natural sweetern which is considered to be much better for weight loss than sugar is.
The recipes in Metabolic Cooking are:
  • Simple to make with short instructions.
  • Don’t take a lot of time to prepare.
  • Each recipe comes with calorie content and how much fats, protein, and carbs it contains.
Let’s look at an example for a much healthier and leaner way to eat pancakes for breakfast without ruinig your diet plan: the recipe for Blueberry Protein Pancakes:

This is just an example, of course. The recipes are diverse so you will find something you love.
As you can see from the recipe above, there’s no reason why healthy food can’t be tasty as well. The notion that you need to suffer to eat healthy is wrong. Metabolic Cooking simply makes it easier for you to enjoy your food and be healthy as well.
Here is a picture of the actual pancakes from this recipe:

The Nutri-Profile System

As you can see in the recipe above, the letters P and C appear in the top right corner.The P stands for Protein and the C stands for carbs. This is part of the Nutri-Profile system which makes it easy for you to combine recipes into a balanced and healthy meal.
On each of the recipes 4 letters may appear: P, C, F, V (F stands for fat and V for vegetables). In the nutritional guidelines, you learn how much of each nutrient you should have on each meal and snack so it’s easy to just pick out recipes you like, eat, have fun, and lose body fat.Unlike other recipe programs, the Metabolic Nutri-Profile system, makes the entire program very simple and intuitive to use.

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